Powerball - NSD 280Hz Autostart Pro Fusion

Introducing the NSD 280Hz Autostart Pro Fusion - crank the lights to reach new heights
Manufacturer: Powerball

RRP:  £49.99

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Presenting the new NSD Powerball 280Hz Autostart Pro Fusion
The Autostart Pro Fusion features 'wind back & release' technology for instant, cord free activation, 280 Autostart Pro Fusion offers ultra smooth spin performance with multi function LCD speedmeter, impact-resistant shell, reversible internal tracks, speed sensitive multi-colored rotor LEDs and vibration free, 18,000rpm spin speed. 0-16kg (0-35lbs) resistance, perfect for all upper limb rehabilitation and/or strength building.
Autostart Powerballs require no starting cord; you simply wind the rotor back one or two turns, release and it immediately gets you up to full starting speed.
The Fusion's precision 280Hz rotor also changes colour at different speeds to ensure a breathtaking light show each time you spin.
The 280Hz Autostart Pro Fusion can also be easily opened and cleaned internally to ensure optimum performance at all times.
  • Cord free Auto-start mechanism
  • Vibration free to 18,000rpm
  • Drop resistant ABS shell design
  • Battery free 6-mode speed meter
  • Speed sensitive multi colour rotor LEDs
  • Reversible internal tracks for enhanced lifespan
  • Generates up to 16kg/35lbs resistance
  • Weighs 266g / 9.38oz
  • Powerball 280 Autostart Pro Fusion
  • 6 mode battery free LCD counter
  • Instructions
  • Lifetime product warranty