Powerball - Supernova Pro

Introducing the Supernova Pro - with a light-show to make you go faster
Manufacturer: Powerball

RRP:  £29.99

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The Powerball - Supernova Pro features a blue Polycarbonate shell, polished metal rotor, 15,000rpm, cord start, LCD counter included.
It provides an effective solution for numbness in hands, wrist pain, fractured wrist, tendonitis wrist & scaphoid fracture and is a great grip and wrist strengthener and general hand exerciser. Working-out with your Supernova Pro helps significantly improve all racket and club based sports and is great for musicians who want to strengthen the fingers, hand, wrist and arm.
The Supernova Pro spins to 16,000+rpm with zero vibration; contains 6 induction powered blue and white LEDs. The digital speed meter keeps track of high score for 'personal bests' and competitive games.
The 6 powerful blue and white LEDs built into the rotor are induction powered and work completely free of batteries.
The faster you spin Supernova Pro, the brighter it glows!
  • Most effective way to increase your arm speed and endurance
  • Spins to 16,000+rpm with zero vibration
  • Contains 6 induction powered blue and white LEDs
  • Digital speed meter keeps track of high score
  • Includes LCD Speed Meter, instruction CD and 2 starting cords