Drum Awards 2007 Official DVD

Relive all the action from Drum Awards 2007.
Manufacturer: Sugar & Spice

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Roll up! Roll up! For the annual Drumfest known as Drum Awards! Celebrate with the crop of Steve Thornley’s drum students, many of whom exceeded even their own expectations in the 2006/2007 Academic Year.
Live Performances from: Shake! Appeal (Max Hardy - electric guitar & vocals, Charlie Bishop - electric guitar, Ross Harris - bass guitar, Jack Carter - drums); Tom & Clara Carrott (Tom - drums, Clara - acoustic guitar & vocals); Rhys Pontet-Matthews (drum solo); The Province (Lewis Burton - rhythm guitar & lead vocals, Ollie Elsden - lead guitar, James Pratt - bass, Dan Tripp - drums).
Featuring Award Nominees: Tim Amoui; Matt Bicker; Eddie Blandamer; Dan Brown; Laura Brown; Tom Carrott; Olivia Chard; Dani-Luke Day; Katy Ellyatt; Cal Evans; Tom Groves; Sam Hollands; Megan Knight; Connor Macdonald; Ben Mollett; Spencer Newton; Nathan Pinder; Rhys Pontet-Matthews; Chris Powell; Georgie Price; Matthew Proctor; Ed Pronger;  Scott Roberts; Sam Sawkins; Josh Seddon; Ivan Shaw; Jamie Swann; Danny Tindall; Ben Turrill; George Turrill; Katherine Vallender; Laura Westmore; Graham Westmore.  
Includes: all the live performances on the night; all the recorded footage shown on the big screen; behind-the-scenes interviews with some of the stars of the show as well as the presentations of the Autumn, Spring & Summer Awards as well as the ‘Most Improved Drummer’ and ‘Best Performer’ Awards. 
Directed & Produced by Steve Thornley for Sugar & Spice Films.
Video Aspect: 4:3
Colour Mode: Colour
Sound: PCM Stereo
Language: English
Running Time: approx 44 mins
Region Code: PAL/All Regions
© Copyright Steve Thornley 2007.
All rights of the producer and owner of the work reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance, radio or TV broadcasting of this dvd is prohibited.