Drumstick Pencil

Probably the cause of more drum-related detentions than anything else - the legendary drumstick pencil from designers suck uk.
Manufacturer: suck uk

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Here, at long last, a simple yet highly innovative gizmo that is proof positive of the fact that one doesn't require high levels of technology to deliver high levels of effectiveness. Oh no.

The design of this device is as immaculate in its conception as it is flawless in its delivery. At one end, a fine writing device, cunningly disguised as a common-or-garden pencil. At the other, a finely balanced thwacking device, cunningly disguised as a common-or-garden drumstick. Its beauty is in its simplicity. A drumstick and a pencil. A pencil and a drumstick. All in, it's quite enough to transform you into the veritable John Bonham in Biology, Dave Mattocks in your Maths lesson or Omar Hakim in History.

Let's face it, having a pair of double-ended, dual function drumming/writing devices to hand is a darned sight cooler (and whole lot less geeky) than the unedifying sight of a bog standard HB pencil protruding from your pencil case. Please note: drumnut.co.uk accepts no responsibility for any detentions that may result from banging out the drum part to 'Living On A Prayer' during Registration. You have been warned!

Each pack contains 2 drumstic pencils in a blister pack.


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