ProMark Hot Rods

Expand the sounds you get from your drum kit without changing your drums.
Manufacturer: ProMark

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Becoming ever more popular for providing a different texture on the drums, especially when applied to funk-influenced grooves. The rods consist of a series of birch dowels taped together at various points. With a sound somewhere between a wire brush and a hickory drumstick, rods are the perfect sound source for the "unplugged" gig.

Promark Hot Rods are a Promark original, copied by others, but never equaled. Made of premium select birch dowels, these rods provide an excellent consistency and feel.


Nineteen medium premium select birch dowels

Diameter:  .560"

Length:  16"

Tip Material:  Wood

Tip Shape:  Other

Handle Material:  Birch
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