Sabian XS-20 cymbal pack

Complete set of Sabian XS-20 Rock cymbals
Manufacturer: Sabian


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Sabian's XS-20 cymbals offer the budget-conscious and entry to bronze cymbals. Their signature 20% tin alloy is thought by many to be the best ratio for vibrant, sparkling cymbals. Please see this review of the 'brilliant finish' version of these cymbals by Geoff Nicholls. The cymbal pack available is the heavier guage 'Rock' series. They are in good condition, free of cracks and dents with only a few tarnish marks and water spots visible. Please note the images are from Sabian for reference purposes. 

These cymbals are only available to Steve Thornley's Drum Students under the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme which allows any student at a State school or Academy to purchase an instrument without paying VAT. 

To use the scheme, please complete this form and send to or post to Steve Thornley, PO BOX 3083, Littlehampton, BN16 4NW. Please use the following details on your form:

Cymbal Manufacturer: Sabian

Cymbal Model: XS-20
Material: B20 bronze
Sizes: ride cymbal (20"); crash (16"); hi-hats (14")
Price, including set-up and delivery: £295