Pearl Vision birch 5-piece drum kit in orange sparkle

Pearl Vision birch 5-piece drum kit in orange sparkle. Shells only. No snare drum, cymbals or hardware. Excellent/good condition.
Manufacturer: Pearl


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The Pearl Vision is now discontinued but these models are sought-after for their superior maple or birch shell construction and superb sound. This example is shells only. You will need to add a snare drum, cymbals and hardware. The bass drum shows the typical Vision Wrap crinkle at the top but this does not affect the sound at all. The toms are all in excellent condition. Floor tom legs, tom arms and ISS mounts for the toms are included. Please note the image is from Pearl for illustrative purposes only. 

We always recommend that your have this kit delivered, set-up and tuned professionally by Steve, preferably with new heads top and bottom. The additional costs for this are as follows:   

Delivery, set-up and tune with existing heads - £90

Complete head change and EQ - £190

You can see details of the service here.

The following information is taken from the Pearl archives

After thorough research, Pearl discovered that the inner ply of a drum shell has the greatest effect on the tonal quality of the drum. Therefore, putting Birch on the inner ply of these drums gives them a naturally “EQ’d,” punchy tone with enhanced projection and sustain. 6 plies in the rack tom shells and 8 plies in the floor tom and bass drum shells provide an amazingly balanced sound, unprecedented for this category.

This drum kit is only available to Steve Thornley's Drum Students under the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme which allows any student at a State school or Academy to purchase an instrument without paying VAT. 


To use the scheme, please complete this form and send to or post to Steve Thornley, PO BOX 3083, Littlehampton, BN16 4NW. Please use the following details on your form:

Kit Manufacturer: Pearl

Kit Model: Vision
Colour: Orange Sparkle
Drums: bass drum (22" x 16"); mounted tom #1 (12" x 9"); mounted tom #2 (13" x 10"); floor tom (16" x 16")
Hardware: tom holders, ISS mounts and floor tom legs included
Cymbals: none included
Basic Price: £445

Price including delivery, set-up and tune with original heads: £535

Price including delivery, set-up and tune with new heads: £725