Pearl Export EXX725 5-piece drum kit in blue sparkle - STANDARD

Pearl Export drum kit in standard Rock sizes, suitable for children 13+ to adults. The STANDARD package contains all the drums, cymbals and hardware plus a drum throne and EQ.
Manufacturer: Pearl

RRP:  £967.99

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The Pearl EXX Export Series is the best selling drumset of all time and a name every drummer knows. The value and quality of the Export series has inspired thousands of musicians by providing solid shells, highly sophisticated hardware, lugs and mounting systems, all of which combine to deliver an amazing sound with fantastic build quality at an affordable price.
The STANDARD package contains all the drums and hardware in the BASIC package PLUS:
  • an Evans EQ Pad for the bass drum
  • a HOLZ-reinforced hole cut into the resonant bass head
  • mini-EMAD for the snare drum
  • a Gibraltar 9608 drum throne 
All drum kits from include delivery, set-up and tune, which takes between two to three hours for acoustic kits and one to two hours for digital kits.
Kit Manufacturer: Pearl
Kit Model: Export
Colour: Blue Sparkle
Drums: 5-piece in Rock sizes. 22-inch bass drum; 13-inch mounted tom; 12-inch mounted tom; 16-inch floor tom; 14-inch snare drum
Cymbals: Sabian SBR Performance Set in brass: 14-inch hi-hats (pair); 16-inch crash cymbal; 20-inch ride cymbal.
Hardware: BC-830 Convertible Boom/Cymbal Stand; C-830 Cymbal Stand; S-830 Snare; Stand; H-830 Hi-Hat Stand; P-930 Pedal, Gibraltar 9608 drum throne.

This drum kit is only available to Steve Thornley's Drum Students under the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme which allows any student at a State school or Academy to purchase an instrument without paying VAT. 

To use the scheme, please complete this form and send to or post to Steve Thornley, PO BOX 3083, Littlehampton, BN16 4NW. Please use the following details on your form:

Item: Pearl Export EXX725 5-piece drum kit in blue sparkle - STANDARD

Price: £708.33