Powerball - Purple Haze

A funky new addition to our Powerball range, with it's purple shell, white rotor, 15,000rpm and 6 purple LEDs, you're going to love it!
Manufacturer: Powerball

RRP:  £22.99

Availability: In stock

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The SportsGyro Purple Haze features 6 Ultra-brite Purple LEDs which glow as the rotor spins, complete with a Purple shell with white rotor.
The rotor is computer balanced and vibration free to 15,800rpm.
Purple Haze is fitted with an ultra-grip silicone band and has a high impact poly-carbonate shell. An LCD speed meter may be fitted to this model at a later stage.
Weighs 260g.
Inertial resistance: 14.2kg at 10,000rpm