drumnut.co.uk is delighted to be official stockists of the legendary Powerball! These are not your ordinary strength ball. They are, in our opinion, the most comprehensive, brilliantly engineered range of strength balls on the market. Whether you go for one of the value options or the beaufully crafted Diablo, you are in for an amazing journey with these little beauties. Beware of cheap imitations!

For smaller hands (primary school aged children) we recommend the PICO. For growing and fully grown hands, go for any of the others. Some of the range even have an auto-start function. 


*** Don't forget: if you are one of Steve's students, use your special discount code to get 20% off any Powerball ***

*** The code expires at midnight on Monday 4th November 2019 ***

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Powerball Stressball

Picture of Powerball Stressball
Struggling with practice? Take your stresses out on a Powerball Stressball

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