drumnut.co.uk is delighted to be able to offer all of Steve Thornley's drum students quality instruments at student and parent-friendly prices. Any student at a State school or Academy can purchase from drumnut.co.uk using the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme which allows the purchase of an instrument through the school without paying VAT. 

Please browse the drum kits and cymbals we have on offer and complete this form if you would like to make a purchase.

All drum kits are delivered, set-up and tuned for one all-inclusive price. Acoustic drum kits take between two and three hours to set-up, digital kits take between one and two hours.  

PLEASE NOTE: drumnut.co.uk reconditioned kits are only available to Steve Thornley's drum students.

They are offered as a low-cost alternative to new kits, with the piece of mind of a 12-month on-site warranty.

  • Each kit is guaranteed to be complete and exactly as described. It will have everything needed by the student drummer
  • All batter drum heads will be free from cuts & holes and in many cases are brand new
  • All kits include both ride and crash cymbals and stands. These are often missing from pre-owned kits
  • A drum stool is included with all drumnut.co.uk reconditioned kits
  • Price includes delivery, set-up and tune
  • Price includes VAT
  • Kit is guaranteed for 12-months


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