Tuition Books are books recommended by your tutor to help you gain greater technical skills on the drum kit. Depending on your current standard, and on the particular area you need to work on, one or more books should be form the key resource to accompany and guide your practise at home.

Most tutor books are broken up into a series of lessons and many have accompanying CDs or DVDs which help you gain a greater understanding of the requirements of each lesson. 

Steve's recommended tutor books, broken into attainment levels is as follows:

Beginner: Drumming - First Steps (book & cd) by Steve Thornley 

Intermediate: Drumming - Second Steps (book & cd) by Steve Thornley and The Complete Drum Set Rudiments (book & cd) by Peter Magadini

Advanced: The New Breed by Gary Chester and Advanced Techniques of the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin

There are other tutor books available on this site but these should only really be considered once the core books have been studied as they tend to deal with techniques applicable to specialist styles such as Funk or Metal.


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Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer

Picture of Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer
The original book that revolutionised drumming. Often imitated, never equaled. Jim Chapin's legendary guide to improving co-ordinated independence.

DRUMMING - First Steps

Picture of DRUMMING - First Steps
The standard beginner's tuition book & cd pack covering six different styles of playing.

DRUMMING - Second Steps

Picture of DRUMMING - Second Steps
The second book & cd pack in Steve Thornley's series, this time concentrating on the reading of standard drum notation.

Learn To Play Drums With Metallica

Picture of Learn To Play Drums With Metallica
Starting now you can learn everything you need to know to play drums by exploring the music of Metallica. An innovative tutorial method that teaches you to play by looking at Lars Ulrich's technique and learning the band's songs.

New Breed

Picture of New Breed
Session legend Gary Chester shares his system for developing reading, co-ordination, time-keeping

The Code of Funk

Picture of The Code of Funk
The Code of Funk is the first instructional package of its kind and will give you the unique opportunity to learn along side one of the most innovative and important drummers in the history of the instrument.

The Complete Drumset Rudiments

Picture of The Complete Drumset Rudiments
One of the most comprehensive book & cd guides to those all-important rudiments.

The Reading Drummer

Picture of The Reading Drummer
A series of streamed reading exercises to help you be more proficient in the art of reading standard drum notation.

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